Schema therapy inpatient program for complex trauma

What is complex trauma?

Complex trauma is a condition that develops due to some form of abuse during childhood and/or adolescence.

This abuse can be physical, sexual or emotional; because this abuse occurs at a time when we are young and vulnerable it can have a life-long impact on us, affecting our emotions, relationships, confidence, and ways in which we cope.

What is a schema?

A schema is a pattern. It develops during childhood and adolescence and can be activated again and again - a bit like an emotional button. When this emotional button is pushed it influences how we see things around us, the decisions we make, and the emotions we experience are very painful and distressing.

For people who have experienced trauma early in their lives, trauma related schemas can develop that maintain some of their problems and symptoms.

How can the group schema specialist inpatient program help with complex trauma?

The Victoria Clinic offers a four week inpatient program aimed at:

  • Understanding how schemas have developed and how they relate to adult symptoms and problems of complex trauma such as chronic depression and anxiety
  • Understanding the emotional states and reactions related to complex trauma
  • Learning new ways of managing post traumatic stress symptoms
  • Learning skills in managing important relationships
  • Developing healthier self-esteem by treating schema driven negative thoughts
  • Developing a distress management plan before leaving hospital and creating a plan for continuing treatment
  • Processing childhood trauma in a safe and supportive environment.

Intake One: 5th February to 28th February

Intake Two: 5th May to 30th May

Intake Three: 5th August to 29th August

Intake Four: 4th November to 29th November

*please note intakes are dependent of number of referrals. Limited spaces available for each intake

Dr Gregor Schutz
MB ChB MPsych Univ, of Melb, FRANZCP
Medical Director of Schema Therapy Program

Dr Gregor Schutz is a Melbourne-based psychiatrist specialising in the assessment, treatment and ongoing management of mental illness.

This includes chronic depression , anxiety disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder, mood disorders, including bipolar mood disorder, addictions (alcohol, drug, gambling), personality disorders and psychosis. Dr Schutz operates a private practice from The Victoria Clinic, 306-308 Malvern Road, Prahran, where is the medical director of the Schema Therapy Program

If you are interested in being a part of this program or have any questions please contact Jade Russo, Email: Jade.Russo@healthscope.com.au or phone on 9529 0295

How long will I stay in hospital?

You will be admitted to The Victoria Clinic for four weeks whilst you receive this treatment.

How often will I be in treatment?

Group therapy is three by one hour sessions per day

You will also have individual therapy with a psychologist in addition to the group therapy program.

What is expected of me?

All participants are expected to attend group daily and do homework tasks that are set and practice strategies learnt.

Who will look after me?

Nurses, psychologists, exercise physiologists, dieticians and a psychiatrist will be involved in your treatment whilst you are an inpatient at The Victoria Clinic.

Does it cost anything?

It is recommended that you have private health insurance to cover the costs associated with your inpatient stay.

Are there any age requirements to do the program?

You need to be over the age of 18 to do this program.

Following the four week inpatient program attending a 12 week day program is recommended to allow clients to continue to gain support. This is run at our day program facility at 302 Malvern Rd Prahran.

The group runs for four weeks, during this time you will be admitted as an inpatient to the hospital.

Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Gregory Schultz

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