Visitors and carers information

Caring for someone with mental illness can be a difficult and challenging experience which can result, at times, with family and friends feeling overwhelmed and not knowing how best to help.

You may wish to seek information and support for yourself and other family members in your attempts to respond to a family member or friend with mental illness.

The Victoria Clinic recognises that family and friends play a crucial role in assisting people in the recovery process, and are keen to work with you to ensure that your family member or friend receives the best possible care.

The Victoria Clinic run monthly information evenings for people in a caring role.We encourage you to attend in order to discuss your concerns, as well as get support for yourself.

These sessions run from 6pm to 8pm on the last Thursday of every month.

Please speak to the social worker regarding more information about these carer evenings on 9526 0295.

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Drug and alcohol

Alcohol or illicit drugs are not to be brought onto the premises. Infringement of this policy may result in discharge.

Please refer to the patient agreement form signed on admission.


Smoking is not permitted inside the building. There is a designated smoking area at the side of the clinic in the smoker’s courtyard smoking is permitted in this area only.

Please refrain from smoking in all other areas, including immediately outside the front entrance.

The Smoking courtyard will be closed between to hours of 10pm to 6am.

The Victoria Clinic is conveniently located on Malvern Road Prahran near Chapel Street and has access to Bus, Tram and Train transport.

Bus: Directly out the front of the clinic on Malvern Road.

Tram: Directly out the front of the clinic on Malvern Road.

Train: Hawksburn station which is a short stroll from the clinic.

Taxi: A taxi can be called by reception or hailed on Malvern Road.

Family Counselling sessions are available to inpatients and their family members/friends.

This is part of the overall service provided by the clinic and is at no extra cost to a persons inpatient stay.

These sessions look at how relationships between people can be enhanced in order to best support the person with a mental illness, and address any difficulties that have arisen so-far.

COVID-19 Visitor Update

As always, the protection of our patients and staff is our highest priority.

In line with Victorian Government advice we are not able to accept visitors at our hospital until further notice. Visitors will not be able to attend our site unless they are:

  • the parents, guardians or carers for a patient under the age of 18
  • providing end-of-life support

Compassionate circumstances will be considered on request and will require approval of the General Manager.

We apologise for the inconvenience and hardship this may cause, but appreciate your understanding of the need to keep patients as safe as possible during these challenging times. Please contact your loved one by telephone or device, and our friendly staff will support regular digital drop-ins so you can keep in touch.

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