Information for GPs

General Practitioners may refer patients directly to one of our accredited psychiatrists, or contact our Intake Department to assist with arranging an admission on 03 9526 0258.

Day Programs:
To refer a patient to any of our Day Programs please contact the intake department 03 9526 0295

Outreach Program:
To refer a patient to our Outreach Program, please contact the Outreach Program Manager on 03 9420 9244.

TMS Treatment:
To refer a patient for TMS treatment phone our Intake Department on 03 9526 0258.

Consulting Suites:

Rooms of Dr Cronin, Dr Singh and Dr Saxena
03 9526 0244

Rooms of Dr Fitzpatrick, Dr Greenbuam, Dr Kulkani, Dr Celman and Dr Turnbull
03 9526 0282

Rooms of Dr Kulijewicz, Dr Chai
03 9270 0314

Rooms of Dr Schutz, Dr Kimber and Dr Drew
03 9270 0317

Phone Intake on 9526 0258

Intake Clinician will require:

  • Patient’s name
  • Address
  • Contact numbers
  • Health insurance details
  • Date of Birth
  • Outline current issues
  • Current regime
  • Previous treatments
  • Any risk history or potential risk factors

Fax referral letter to: 9521 7510

Referrals for Admission

Intake clinician will contact duty psychiatrist, registrar

or manager of specialist program to discuss referral

Intake clinician will contact patient

Any additional information will be obtained

(including current risk assessment) and the patient

will be informed of the outcome of their health fun check

Intake clinician will discuss with referrer

Suitability of referral according to entry criteria of program

Patient’s health insurance status

If admission criteria is met and psychiatrist is willing to admit:

Patient will be contacted to arrange admission time.

Referring doctor will be notified of patient’s admission date

and their treating psychiatrist

Following patient discharge, a medical discharge

summary will be sent to the referrer

Fax referral letter to 03 9270 0364 or 9521 2799

Attention - Outpatient Referrals Coordinator
Address Referral to: ‘Dear Doctor at The Victoria Clinic Consulting Suites’

Referrals should include:

  • Patient’s name
  • Address
  • Contact numbers
  • Date of Birth
  • Outline diagnosis
  • Current issues
  • Previous treatments
  • Current regime

If you would like to discuss the Referral further
Phone the Outpatient Referral Coordinator on 03 9521 2733 (BH)

(If there is no answer please leave a brief message and your call will be returned)

The allocated Consultant Psychiatrist’s secretary
will contact the patient and referring doctor with the appointment details

Depending upon the nature of your symptoms and their response to treatment, your General Practicitoner (GP) may decide to refer you to another healthcare specialist, such as psychologist or psychiatrist.

A psychologist will work with you to identify particular areas in your life that may have contributed to the development of problems such as depression and anxiety. He or she will then help you to address these problems, possibly by learning new patterns of behaviour, or by confronting fears or anxieties.

As a specialist, the psychiatrist has the skills to treat and make assessment of your needs and apply appropriate treatment options which are not available to your GP.

About your appointment

You will need to bring a referral letter from your GP or specialist who has referred you for consultation.

A specialist referral will only be valid for three months, while a GP referral will be valid for a 12 month or indefinite period.

About payment information

Charges are made according to the length of time of your consultation.

Consultation fee is paid in full on the day, with immediate Medicare refund rolled out on the day.

Referral processes:
Referral process for inpatient admission
Obtaining an outpatient appointment with a psychiatrist

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