The General Inpatient Program includes sessions on topics such as: mood management, communication skills, sleep hygiene, addiction difficulties, stress management and much more that is relevant to recovery from mental health issues. The topics are educational in nature and provide patients with the opportunity to learn, share their experiences and practice skills discussed. Staff that deliver these sessions include psychologists, dietitians, social workers, art therapists and exercise physiologists.

Who is the program for?     

The General Inpatient Program is accessible to patients who are not admitted to a specialist program. It offers participants the opportunity to learn and practice new skills, discuss issues relevant to recovery, receive information, learn from others, enjoy creative activities, get some exercise and have some fun.

How will it help me? 

This program includes individual sessions and comprehensive group sessions facilitated by experienced clinicians including occupational therapists, clinical psychologists, social workers, art therapists, nurses, music therapists, pastoral care and consumer consultants.

The program will deliver sessions that aim to:

  • Reduce symptoms 
  • Increase motivation and enable participants to take charge of their mental health difficulties
  • Introduce skills and coping strategies to manage at home
  • Build community and social resources, and
  • Improving self-esteem

Many group sessions offer an introduction to the therapies that underpin the day programs and specialty programs run at The Victoria Clinic. 

On discharge you may be referred to one of the inpatient specialty programs; day programs and/or outreach services for further support.  

When does the program run?

The General Inpatient Program runs on an ongoing basis. 

How do I access the program?

Referral to the General Inpatient Program can only be made by a psychiatrist accredited with The Victoria Clinic. 

Your referral can be addressed to ‘Dear Doctor’ or to one of our accredited psychiatrists and faxed to Intake on 03 9521 7510.

Please click HERE for further information on the referral process.

How much does it cost?

All referrals are subject to a health fund check prior to admission or commencing a program.

We have agreements with Private Health Funds, DVA, WorkCover and TAC however, self-funding is also an option.

Our Patient Services Staff will be pleased to answer any questions you may have in relation to cost. Please call us on 03 9526 0258 to discuss your options.

More information?

General Inpatient Program - Click HERE for brochure


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